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A parrot cage will be a must for sure. But what

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-09
You've moved in with your best friend from college, and she keeps saying how nice it would be to have a bird. She leaves parrot pamphlets on the coffee table. And what about the time she kept you at the pet store for an hour watching a silly parrot when you were ready to go to the food court? But she's a flight attendant and is gone more than she's home. You're working a regular nine to five job. You'll be the one to see to the bird's care. You're not worried about the money, but what does a parrot need to be happy? You know you'll need a parrot cage as a first step, but what kind of cages work best? A metal parrot cage is the most cost effective and the easiest to clean. Your friend will want to make sure that no wires are sticking out. She will also have to see to it that her parrot can't get its head through the bars of the cage. Parrots like a square parrot cage, so that they can curl up in a corner. You and your friend are going to want to put several perches around the cage so that the bird can get its exercise. You and your friend will also have to consider food and water containers. Stainless steel is the best material for these containers because they are the nearest to sterilize. Especially for larger parrots a water bottle might be considered. And the water bottle could be used for yet another perch. You will want to rearrange the perches every month or so. Believe it or not, birds are very intelligent animals that need mental stimulation. That's where bird toys come in. bird toys keep your bird from getting bored while in their cage. You will need to take the parrot out a couple of times a day to play with it. But toys will give the bird things to do while you're out and about. Birds enjoy mirrors; just make sure the mirrors have no sharp edges or anything that might hurt the bird. These pets also like wooden balls, don't let them have anything that might have toxic paints on it. Parrots like puzzle toys. They have even more fun when you put food or treats in the puzzle toys. Birds even like to play with old toilet paper rolls. Ask your pet store salesperson, as they will likely have some advice for you as well. Remember to rotate toys frequently as well. Having a parrot can be a very rewarding experience if you give them what they need. You will find yourself enjoying your pet more and more. So go out and find the right parrot cage for your place. Get some bird toys. And voila! Your best friend and her new bird will be happy. And so will you!
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