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A bottle is a container widely used by liquid

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-03
A label pasted to a bottled product does more than just naming it for identification purposes. Manufacturers who sell their products in bottles obviously paste a label to show the name of the product, ingredients, user instructions, manufacturer's contact particulars etc. Some companies even select aesthetically designed labels to enhance the presentation value of the product. In olden times, bottles were labeled manually and this called for many workers and the work progress was also slow. Due to the explosive increase in population, demand for liquid products has also commensurately increased. Manual labeling is time-consuming and also less efficient as the placement of labels will continuously vary and the work output miserably low. Now, it is now no longer possible to label bottles manually as the volume of work has shot up manifold. To day, a stage has come that almost all industries need a labeling machine. To tide over this problem, an innovative device called as the bottle labeler machine has been introduced in the market. This device accelerates the labeling work and also performs a lot more efficiently. The modern machines are capable of labeling all kinds of cylindrical containers. The machine has a foot switch where you can insert the bottles and most of the bottles are labeled in less than two seconds. This machine has dispensing table for the placement of bottles and has a pull over for commencing the labeling process. Earlier, there were two types of bottle labeling machines - manual and semi automatic label dispensers. The semi-automatic machines automatically paste the label over the bottles - they pick, apply and repeat the process of labeling. These machines are available in different models, types and sizes. There are also the multi label machines which accept labels of a wide range of sizes. There can be no doubt that modern bottle label applicators have made the labeling process in bottle simpler and speedier. Today, you also have microprocessor based state of art technology automatic machines with nonstop and permanent duty operation. The modern automatic bottle labeler machines have automatic registration of labels through label sensor. It has a sensing - adjustable and adaptable - to accommodate a variety of color schemes of labels. This machine has high speed wrap around labeling with automatic totaling. The machine cover and conveyor plate of modern bottle labelers are made of stainless steel, so that there will be no rust or corrosion problems. You can also be guaranteed of its durability, toughness and a dirt/dust free working machine. Modern machines have microprocessor controlled gluing system and horizontal or vertical code over printing. The machine has a built-in safety system for preventing the machine in case a bottle or vial gets broken. In today's age and time, to run a manufacturing business efficiently and overcome competition successfully, it is necessary to use the advanced and sophisticated techniques and gadgets. The versatility, efficiency and the speed of the modern bottle labeling machine are veritable boons for the liquid manufacturing units. It saves a lot of manpower as only one or two persons need to be employed to monitor the working of the machine. The modern machines are easy to set up, simple to operate, perform efficiently, cost little to maintain, and adds neatness to your labeling.
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