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7 tasteful tips for a waste-free lunch: deskside edition

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-15
Between completing that huge demo, trying to catch up with last week\'s email and trying to sneak out early for a night\'s event, lunch time is usually short when it comes to planning and preparation.
Due to lack of planning, the landfill is filled with billions of tons of \"lunch products\" garbage every year.
Thankfully, there are some very simple solutions to creating waste. free mid-
Whether you\'re dining at the table
Enjoy yourself in the air. 1.
Think outside the box (or bag! )
: The brown bag is not just for kids and stingy, though it\'s healthier and more affordable than the rest (
Unless you\'re just packing regular Oreo).
However, a crumpled folding sack is not really trendy and sustainable.
A reusable lunch box or bag will definitely make you a cooler kid no matter your age.
I like from-
Go Ware, great for salad (
There is a small container for seasoning inside)-
What\'s clever about it is that it takes a double responsibility as both your lunch box and a separate storage container. 2.
Abandon \"one-
Time use program: almost 1/3 of waste generated in the United StatesS.
From packaging-
If you look at your lunch or your child\'s lunch, it\'s clear why.
From sandwiches and self-sealing bags packed in plastic to juice boxes or soda cans, and additional packaging for individual packages
Food, family-
The packed lunch is usually one.
Time to use even non-recyclable plastic.
Well, it\'s not surprising, America. S.
More than 380 billion plastic bags, bags and packaging are consumed each year (EPA).
It is worth noting that plastic bags will not be biodegradable, but will be \"degraded \".
\"This means that they break down into smaller and smaller toxic substances, which animals end up consuming through contaminated water and soil --
Keep in mind that some of these animals will end in our next lunch, so the cycle will continue. The solution?
Reusable storage containers. 3. Plastic-
Free is my choice!
All the plastic we use (
Rarely reused)
A lot of energy and water is needed to produce, and it is not recyclable in most parts of the United States (
Only water bottles can be recycled in Marin County! ).
Also, be careful to use plastic containers to heat or freeze food. The U. S.
The Food and Drug Administration says the chemicals in these plastics are likely to \"migrate\" into food.
When you bring food that needs to be repackaged, you can control the \"bad taste\" by using a glass or ceramic storage container\"
High heating or fat content (
Fat attract toxins).
Keep using your plastic storage container to store sandwiches, fruits and other things that don\'t require a microwave but don\'t buy a new plastic container!
Move to glass or long when you need a new container
Durable stainless steel.
As for the problem of packing bags, I prefer snack bags made of organic cotton when packing lunch, but in order to prevent leakage --
You can try fresh snack bags that are food safe and made of phthalate atefree plastic. 4.
Many options for drinking reusable cups and water bottles: in addition to reusable boxes or bags and storage containers (
Sometimes they are the same)
Make sure you have reusable water bottles and coffee/teacup.
From close to 2.
Every year, 7 billion juice boxes are filled in, preferably squeezed by themselves (
Not always realistic though)
Or buy in bulk and place the drink in a reusable container (
Institute of container recycling).
I just got a reusable cup \"I\'m not a paper cup\" and I like it because it\'s porcelain and plastic --
Free but there are plenty of options for insulated mug.
As for the water bottle, I like Sigg or Kleen Kanteen, and recently I am eager to get a stainless steel bottle with Earthlust custom design. 5.
Put the fork in!
Use updateable utensils: of course, it is not polite in our culture to have no utensils for salad and pasta.
But I think it is very impolite to do so in the United States. S.
We threw away enough paper and plastic cups, forks and spoons to make the earth 300 laps (ecoagents. org)!
Plan ahead and have a reusable collection with you.
Bring your own tableware from home, put it on the table, or join
Go to the Warriors and sports bamboo tableware set.
Made of fast renewable bamboo, this suit is packed in a durable, convenient recycled plastic bag and even includes chopsticks from the Bento era. 6.
Mother Earth advises you to wipe your face and pay attention to your manners: Last but not least, invest in a napkin.
Bring one from home, or buy a lunch bag designated for you --
You can even get from dyed t-
If you want to be frugal, wear a shirt.
If you\'re buying something new, make sure it\'s organic or other eco-Cotton
Fiber as friendly as marijuana. 7.
Kids can also save: if you pack your bags for kids, don\'t think that their smaller size means their garbage footprint won\'t increase --
The average rate of lunch per child is 67 pounds.
School waste related to each year (EPA)! The waste-
The free lunch bag provided by Konserve children makes your daily life simple.
Since lunch garbage is the main source of school garbage, second only to office paper, it is important to start the ecological environment.
Brunch class (
2004 Green Teacher Magazine in autumn.
Please keep an eye on the second part of \"wasted delicious tips\"
\"Free Lunch\" series: take-outOut Route.
For more ecological insights, be sure to sign up for my weekly selection list in the green world.
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