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140 industry leaders for gulf glass.

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-27
At the upcoming Gulf glass conference, a total of 140 key stakeholders in the glass industry gathered, and Gulf Glass is a leading industry event in the UAE.
The event was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on September 25-27.
The event will focus on finished products, glass production technology and machinery, glass processing and finishing solutions, measurement, testing and control technology, tools, replacement and spare parts, and auxiliary equipment and accessories.
Technical supplies and services company (TSSC), the Dubai-
The marketing department of Or\'s strategic partner and Sun dealer Orwell International will showcase its latest PEL Bottle Crusher.
\"Glass is a major packaging material, and it takes a million years for glass bottles to break down in the environment.
It is estimated that 0. 156 billion empty glass bottles or 39,000 tons enter the UAE waste logistics every year.
Since most of these glass bottle bottling wastes come from major 4-star and 5-star hotels, imagine if only these glass wastes are used as raw materials for the manufacture of new glass containers, ericksonDaiz, brand manager of what will be brought to TSSC, said.
The hotel industry is growing by seven percentage points a year, and revenue is expected to reach $9.
8 billion through 2020, key players in any environmental project.
The emirate of Dubai received more than 9 million visitors in 2016 alone, and it is expected that 25 million visitors will attend the Expo in 2020.
The proportion of food and beverage glass bottles mainly used in hotels and restaurants is 100.
With the use of cullass manufacturing, water pollution decreased by 50 and greenhouse gases decreased by 24.
8%, and again
Compared to making glass with raw materials, the energy consumed by melting glassware was reduced by 40 cents and the carbon dioxide of 300kgs was saved.
2021, the UAE\'s national agenda, with the aim of reducing 75% of garbage and the same amount of methane gas emitted to protect the environment.
The emirate of Abu Dhabi is carrying out an ambitious plan to transfer its waste from the dump by 2018, although dubaimunicity\'s integrated waste management master plan aims to reduce the number of garbage delivered to landfill sites to zero by 2032.
To support the achievement of these visionary goals, \"government support and various public awareness programs are essential to stimulate change in mindset and encourage the use of culture in the glass manufacturing industry.
\"Empty glass bottle waste should also be considered as a valuable recyclable commodity,\" Daiz explained . \".
Before the Bay glass 2017, which is the largest flat and container glass vents in the area, the TSSC is showing the new series of PELBottle crushers there, and the great potential of glass recycling in the hotel industry has attracted attention.
\"Reducing empty glass bottles to cullets is a simple input for hotels and restaurantshouse labour-saving, self-
\"Financing activities create added value and turn empty glass bottles into valuable marketable goods,\" Daiz added . \".
\"When empty bottles are sent back to the bar or service area, they can be easily inserted into the bottle breaker rather than thrown into the bin for later Management.
\"The world\'s first national closed glass bottle, to make new glass bottles by simplifying empty glass bottles to glass
A recycling plan for glass bottles was created.
\"The TSSC has also established a strategic partnership with Omega Glass as a pre-processor for Glass or broken Glass collected from Emirates Hotel agencies.
The regional hotel brand, including Jumeirah, has adopted the pel Bottle Crusher as part of its CSR and environmental projects.
\"Glass is the simplest and safest packaging recycling solution: Glass can be recycled in closed loop if collected properly,\" said muhammed Kazi, director of activities at Gulf Glass . \".
Gulf Glass is sponsored by Glass, Tecpro and Forel as a gold sponsor, in addition to a Glass source as an exclusive Glass solution sponsor. -
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