10 things you should pack (but probably won\'t)

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-08
Yes, your passport and wallet (
Maybe some clean underwear)
Should be at the top of your packing list.
But in the process of rushing to remember the necessities, travelers sometimes underestimate the power of nice --to-haves.
From empty reusable water bottles to bandages, inconspicuous objects can save time and money and greatly improve the quality of travel.
Here are the items we often forget to pack--
We always regret not having in our suitcase.
Reusable water bottles are worth it when you travel.
Throw your chosen empty bottle in your carry-on
Open and then fill in the post
Airport security check (
If you like to avoid the fountain, ask at a coffee shop or restaurant)
You don\'t need to rely on a flight attendant to keep you hydrated.
When you get to your destination, as long as your water is drinkable, your next refill is as close as the tap.
Even if there is a problem with the water, you can choose to purchase a large plastic kettle instead of dozens of smaller ones and refill your reusable bottles as needed.
Not only is a reusable water bottle stronger (
And less leakage)
More convenient-
Store bottle, it also makes your water taste more like water than hot plastic.
For travel, consider buying a slightly smaller water bottle in a purse or bag.
Lots of aluminum, glass, stainless steel and hard-
Plastic options in 12-ounce range.
The laundry bag is a very tight place.
A dirty sock or wet swimsuit can turn the entire vacation wardrobe into dirty clothes
The smell was vague.
Don\'t rub your elbow with your clean clothes (
Knee or foot)
Your dirty stuff. -
Pack a small laundry bag and the clothes inside are wet, dirty and smelly.
A simple grocery bag is OK, but if you want to be more beautiful, you can also find reusable options such as resin for Flight 001 --
There is a coating to clean the wet bag or nylon to clean the laundry bag.
If you forget a bag, check out the closet in the hotel room.
Many people still have a plastic baghotel dry-
Cleaning service.
Blisters occur in emergency supplies.
The same is true for scratches and scratches.
Don\'t be the last person to buy a pack of five bandages for $7, because you forgot to throw a few in your bag when you pack.
In tourist destinations, basic first aid supplies are often overpriced and it is not always convenient to walk to the store after shopping
Injured while searching for emergency supplies
Instead, make a small first aid kit yourself and save it with toiletries.
You don\'t need anything complicated, just some bandages, some antibiotic ointment (
Looking for individuals-use packs)
, If you have a tendency to use shoes to hurt yourself, maybe there are some moleskin.
Reusable shopping bags when checking out, will you leave a stack of plastic or paper shopping bags in the hotel room for a long time?
Then you are the perfect candidate for a reusable shopping bag that can be folded up and stored in your daily bag and then taken out to save the day\'s shopping.
Since reusable bags tend to be more difficult than their disposable brothers, they can easily purchase heavier items and can perform double duties as picnic baskets and beach bags.
Emergency snacks can come in handy in dozens of situations.
You were late at a hotel without room service.
You missed your train and found yourself stuck at a national train station with only live pigeons. Your late-
Night connection was canceled and all shops at the airport were closed.
Protein bars, nuts and other items that do not have a paste or need to be refrigerated are the perfect snacks to store in your bag.
Let\'s face it, onethe-
Even if you sail on the road, eating snacks will not be unwelcome --emergency free.
There are two cases for the extra memory card: in the first case, you pack an extra memory card and when your first memory card is full, you just turn on the camera and change to a new one, continue your holiday.
Second, you stop everything and have to ask where the nearest e-store in the concierge is, figure out how to ask for the right store in the local language and then pay the markup price.
Play both stories when you pack your camera to remind you why it\'s always worth bringing an extra memory card.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend washing hands frequently to prevent diseases.
Because the health standards of the destination are different, and the hand
Washing Trinity-soap-
Dryers are not always available, putting a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your daily bag is your trump card. Use an alcohol-
Based on hand sanitizer (
Alcohol at least 60%)
Rub on your hands until they dry.
Although hand sanitizer is not so effective when your hands are obviously dirty, hand sanitizer can be very convenient when you need quick cleaning on the go.
If you don\'t use lip balm at ordinary times, it\'s still an important package item.
Breathe the dry air of the plane, eat salty food in transit in the sun-
Travel inevitably leads to slight dehydration and chapped lips.
There\'s something inappropriate.
Constantly licking his lips, a little meat;
It is definitely not the case to make friends in a strange culture.
Lip balm can also be used to tame the ends of curly hair, soothe dry nails, protect the skin from the wind, and even unlock stubborn zippers.
A copy of the travel documents the last thing most people want to do when packing is to scan, print or copy their passports and other important documents.
However, in the unlikely but serious case that your passport or visa is lost or stolen, it is a great help to have an extra copy on hand.
Store the copy in a different place than the actual document, so if you lose one, you may have another copy.
At the very least, write down your passport number and send it to yourself by email or simply send a file scan by email.
I was scared when my passport was lost.
This can ruin a holiday, so this is a time when it will take some extra money --in-case steps. More Good-to-
Remember, items that make your trip easier will vary depending on your destination and style, but we found more of the most useful things on the trip: Flip
We don\'t recommend flip flops.
As a fashion statement, but as a sanitary measure, in which if you are going to any spa, pool, shared bathroom, or other humid and warm environment, some additional foot protection may be important.
Defacing agent: last year, editor Caroline Costello reviewed the trend of removing stains and erasers and found that it made her walk around without the huge coffee stains on her shirt all day. Stain-
Wipe wipes and pens take up little space and provide quick fixes for the mess
This is a great advantage for travelers with limited wardrobes.
Host gift: whether you are visiting old friends, meeting business partners, or being invited home during your trip, it\'s always good to have small gifts ready. Gift-
The gift making method varies from country to country, so do a little research before choosing the gift to pack to make sure it is the right item. --
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