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10 fun, affordable gifts for co-workers

by:ER Bottle     2020-02-02
(CareerBuilder. com)--
Holidays in the office are predictable: coffee cups for your boss, gift cards for your colleagues
Workers, fruit baskets for customers.
However, this holiday may vary as there is less money that can be spent and there are fewer people working together
Workers on gift list
\"In today\'s economy, your gift-giving must be more economical.
However, just because people don\'t have that much money to spend doesn\'t mean they should carry on the festive spirit at work, \"said Lisa Friedman.
The founder of someone.
Online gift com-giving guide.
\"Not only do you want to reduce the number of people you buy gifts, but you also need to change the type of gifts you buy.
Friedman stressed that giving gifts in the office is not necessarily an expensive test.
She advised everyone.
Staff participate in white elephant gift redemption where you can only buy functional gifts for $25 or less.
Or the office can do without giving gifts-
Give the policy, but let everyone participate in the lunch.
If you want to join your colleagues in a gift exchange
In this holiday without bankruptcy, workers can try these 10 gifts that are both affordable and creative: 1.
Lily Pryce\'s mouse pad adds spice to your colleagues
Worker\'s desk with useful mouse pad.
In addition to being a mouse pad, these cool gifts made by Lilly pritce come with 50-
Paper notepad attached to the top of the mouse pad.
Your colleagues can take notes and surf the Internet at the same time. -
He or she can choose style from four different designs. ($15. 00)2.
Buzz killer card, your colleague.
Staff often complain about the annoying \"buzz\" we sometimes hear on the phone, conference call, and desktop speakers, or the buzz we hear through headphones?
If so, give him or her a Buzz killer card.
All you do is put the card on the table, put the phone on it, and the buzz disappears. ($5.
99, plus shipping and handling fees)3.
You were sentenced instead of buying all your partners.
A personal gift from the workers, for this fun game, will entertain the entire office pony.
You need about 30 sentences-
40 minutes--
Just enough time for your lunch break.
Use a deck of cards that contain changes to interesting words
Known names, recognizable places and external cards, players must make sentences that are grammatically correct and acceptable.
They then read their sentences aloud and explain what they mean to other players.
Everyone voted to decide whether the judgment and defense were legal and scored. ($25. 00)4.
Member hotel online member purchase
Workers who travel frequently?
Purchase membership for him or her for the membership hotel network, where he or she will save up to 20% of the cost from the best available rates offered by other hotel providers.
Every night at the MHN Hotel, members earn cash back based on the number of days they stay.
This is a great gift, especially in this economic age. ($5. 00)5.
The butt stand pencil rack is perfect for your colleagues
The desk organizer has a good sense of humor and will definitely laugh.
This fun desk accessory includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, MEMO/business card holder and paper clip holder in a variety of colors. ($19. 95)6.
TRAYblecloth is another perfect gift for people who travel a lot
The tray cover of the plane tray table.
If the cleaner does not have time to clean the tray table between flights, the cloth will give the passenger a clean eating and working surface.
During the flight, it also has pockets to store personal items such as glasses, ipod and magazines. ($15. 99)7.
The knife and fork elevator office is notorious for providing lunch, vending machines and happy hours.
This clever twist on the classic knife and fork duo is the perfect gift for your indulgent partnerworker.
Knife and fork lift is both an appliance and a dumbbell called 1. 5 pounds each.
Every bite of your colleague
The worker needs, and he or she will be encouraged to eat to gain weight and exercise to lose weight. ($24. 99)8.
We all have that emergency button.
Workers under constant pressure.
A great prank gift for him or her is the panic button.
A red computer key with the words \"panic\" on it, it has adhesive support so you can connect it to any computer key.
Next time his computer crashes, your colleague.
The worker needs a key to knock and the panic button is OK. ($1. 00)9.
Fun staff awards bring your office holiday party to life by presenting your colleagues
Staff rewards are fun.
There are 101 different categories, and everyone will be sure to win the prize, from doing a good job to making fun of each other. ($29. 99)10.
What\'s the better way to customize your water bottle or coffee tumbler to honor your H2O and coffeeloving co-
Is the worker a tumbler than a personalized water bottle or coffee?
Create a custom product for your colleagues, starting with the SIGG aluminum bottle of the color you choose.
Then, choose your art, add a name, choose a font and you can go. The best part?
These bottles are \"green\" so it is also a gift for the environment. ($14-31)
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